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Hocks x Titi Freak 0

Titi Freak x Hocks collaboration – In Stores Soon

Sao Paulo street artist Titi Freak continued his work with clothing today when he released a limited edition line of clothes and shoes with Skateboard brand Hocks. The limited edition collection was released today at the URB tradeshow in Sao Paulo, and will be soon available in stores. Some sneak...

Zezao - Laje Reserva 0

Laje Reserva – talk and drinks with Zezão

Fans of the graffiti artist Zezão can head to the Reserva (Brazilian clothing brand) store tomorrow from 19h and they are holding an event on their rooftop, an area which has been designed by the artist Felipe Morozini, and has a bar and outdoor area. The event is the first in a...