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Linea - Alexis Diaz + Jaz 0

Jaz + Alexis Dias – Linea – at the Rexromae (London)

Another interesting looking exhibition in London, by two Latin American street artists, who to be honest I’m not especially familiar with. Alexis Dias is Puerto Rican and is responsible for the fairly well know Elephant/Octopus hybrid piece which was painted on Hanbury Street off Brick Lane (London).. I don’t know...

Phlegm - Bestiary 0

Phlegm – Bestiary – Howard Griffin Gallery, London.

More for the London folk tomorrow. This time Phlegm is opening his Bestiary exhibition tomorrow at the Howard Griffin Gallery on Shoreditch High Street. Phlegm is well known in the UK at least and you have all probably seen his characteristic gangly black and white creatures adorning the walls of...