Cambuci – Home of Os Gemeos and lots more.

osgemeos-ise-cambuci (Photo:jACKTWO)

Os Gemeos have long been the number one name most people think of when talking about Brazilian Street Art, and pretty much a household name even for those not particularly interested in street art. If you’re coming to Sao Paulo and want to see the work of the famous Pandolfo twins, then there are few better places to start than a visit to where it all began in their home neighborhood of Cambuci. The recent film about the street art scene in Sao Paulo – Cidade Cinza – should also not be missed, which is also largely focused on Otavio and Gustavo.

cambuci-graffiti (photo: jACKTWO)I took a stroll the other day starting from Largo de Cambuci and it doesn’t take long before you see the tell-tale yellow Os Gemeos bombs covering almost every shutter and wall space. They seem to appreciate the twins in the neighborhood as there are both old and new pieces everywhere along with work from other artists also from the same area such as Finok, Nunca and Ise to name but a few. In fact it seems like almost all Brazilian street artists came from Cambuci. Just stroll the streets aimlessly and you can’t fail to find murals and bombs everywhere. Some of the more intricate pieces are starting to show signs of wear, and some are difficult to photograph due to their size and traffic. Sunday and bank holiday visits increase the number of shutters and garages being visible, just like anywhere in Sao Paulo.

Here is a small selection of photos I took whilst visiting Cambuci briefly one afternoon. (Click an image to open in a slide-show viewer).

Can’t get to Cambuci to see the OsGemeos work yourself, then get the book instead:


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