Caixa Cultural – Praça da Sé (Sao Paulo) – 2 Banksy Originals on display

So I finally managed to get myself down to the Street Art exhibition at Caixa Cultural on Sunday. At first I thought I’d walked out of the Metro into Michael Jackson’s thriller video, Praça da Sé is the true centre of Sao Paulo, and the whole area was swarming with freaks, in what seemed like the Sao Paulo alcoholics and crack head convention. This was Sunday lunch time I should add.

Banksy - Sao PauloAfter having zigzagged around the passed out bodies and groups of drunks I finally got to the Caixa Cultural. Of course, It’s not the first time I have been to central Sao Paulo, I actually go down-town regularly and it’s always an eye opener, but Sunday was worse than I’ve ever seen Praça da Sé … I am not sure if this would be a good choice for a ‘Fan Zone’ venue during the world cup! I literally just read this report that a human head was found in a bag today on the square..and it hardly surprised me!

Anyway, the Street art gallery was pretty good, smaller than I had envisaged for some reason, but some nice pieces and some interesting videos, and actually there are two works by Banksy, I was expecting only one. But there is other good stuff there as well, and the videos are interesting.
Banksy - Mickey & Ronald

I recommend those visiting to also take a look at the Miró exhibiton (The Magic of Miró: Prints & Drawings) which runs until April 20. One should always take the opportunity to see works of an artist as famous as Miró when offered for free. These are not the artist’s most famous pieces, but still worth a few minutes of anyone’s time, even if your not a fan.

I also went to the third floor and saw an exhibition by the Cuban artist Gustavo Acosta, which had some really impressive paintings; I really liked this guy’s style and enjoyed this much more than the Miró exhibition infact.

Gustavo Acosta - Caixa Cultural

Additionally, the women manning the lift (it is still common to have a lift attendant in many buildings in Brazil) asked me if I had ever visited the Caixa Cultural museum, which I hadn’t, so on her recommendation I went and checked it out. Situated on the sixth floor, I found it surprisingly interesting, plus there are some nice views of Praça da Sé from the sixth floor, well worth a visit. Caixa Cultural is a Brazilian bank owned by the government and the museum has all the old banking machines, calculators and old school bank furniture and wooden paneled retro offices. Plus there are some interesting views of Praça da Sé from there.

All three galleries and the museum are free..and are constantly changing. Worth popping in whenever in the vicinity and checking out whats on.

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