Brincando Com Coisa Séria – Bieto – A7MA (Sao Paulo)

Following on from the recent exhibition Portuñol, comes another exhibition at A7MA this time called Brincando Com Coisa Séria, which I translates along the lines of Playing with Serious Stuff, by the artist Bieto. The exhibition presents his study about the interaction of colour, light and pigment, and kicks off on Saturday.

Bieto - A7MA

WHEN: Opens March 22, from 10H to 22H. (Those attending the opening can go for free to the SERRALHERIA – see below for details)

WHERE: A7MA Gallery, Rua Harmonia 95, 05435-000 São Paulo, Brazil. 

Just like with the opening of  Portuñol, which had a parallel exhibition at the SERRALHERIA, they will also be giving free entrance on the same night to the SERRALHERIA for those who attend A7MA for the Bieto opening. The SERRALHERIA, the curation of which is also managed by A7MA, will  unveil a mural by the artist Leiga as well as hosting music. The two locations will always have simultaneous openings.

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