Breast cancer awareness street art intervention

A really nice bit of street art intervention has been happening over the last few months in Sao Paulo, for an excellent cause.

Many pieces of graffiti featuring breasts across the city have been given a mastectomy, using a paste up as part of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign. So the breast is removed and a scar pasted over in place. The campaign began in October and has been named “Tinta contra o cancer” (“Paint against cancer”), devised by the JWT advertising agency for the A.C Camargo Cancer Center, one of the most important cancer centers in Latin America. 

The message “Qualquer mulher pode ser vítima do câncer de mama.” Which in English, translates to “Any woman can be a victim of breast cancer.”

The video below shows the anti cancer street art process and some of the pieces selected:

Also today on his Facebook, the street artist Chivitz posted a photograph (below) of his work in conjunction with his girlfriend and fellow graffiti artist Minhau, which had been victim of the campaign.


If anyone else has photographs of the street art mastectomies and would  like them featured here, then please send them to me.

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