Graffiti Day – Cidade Cinza free screenings – and iTunes release

It eems like everyday this week is a special day, we had World Water Day, then Nike Air Max day and now we have Graffiti Day. They must be running out of days to give to stuff.

So tomorrow (Thursday March 27) is Brazil’s National Graffiti day and there are a few things happening in the city as  a way of marking this occasion.

Firstly all week in various locations over the city the film ‘Cidade Cinza’ (Grey City) is being projected, for free, See the list below.  The final showing will be on Sunday on the Minhocão, which closes for cars and becomes a public space on Sundays. I have already watched the film, which is excellent viewing.

Graffiti Day - Cidade Cinza


In other news about the film Cidade Cinza , Brazilian Graffiti Day also marks the launch of the film on iTunes, so you can download and watch as much as you please. The official DVD launch has not yet been announced.

Cidade Cinza - iTunes Release


Stay tuned for other National Graffiti Day events.

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