BNE – Collaborative T-shirt & The Print Release – Is not a Banksy T-shirt (updated)



LATEST UPDATE:  18/09/14 15:00

The website is surprisingly stating the Print Release is all sold out..wowzers!

UPDATE 18/09/14

Well, if you were previously dissapointed with the T-Shirt offering BNE made, then I think you are going to be doubley disappointed by this print offering. Not only is the print itself not great looking, but BNE has come back with all the ‘Social Experiment’ talk, and is back to sounding like a total con-artist.  For a start, the only reference to who made this print is this phrase “Absolutely, without a single doubt, 100% NOT a collaboration with the spray-art activist known as Banksy.”  and then even more mind games with this: 

All sales are final. Any refunds will be made at the sole discretion of BNE. We are grateful for your support and appreciate your patience. A final announcement regarding this print and “The Collaborative T-shirt” that we sold earlier this year, will be made on World Water Day, Sunday, March 22, 2015.

Thinking before you buy is a revolutionary act. Your vote at the cash register each day is the one that really counts. The power of consumer choice is a tool that can affect immediate change. Use that power whenever you can.


What does that all mean? I read that as saying, don’t be a fool and waste your money. And another statement in 2015, is really taking the piss I think..

UPDATE 18/08/14 

So the countdown begins on the website.. and the rules of the game are all there for those planning on buying the print..  The one interesting thing I noticed is the quoted shipping rates, which are $40 for the UK, and $100 for US and the rest of the world. Suggesting that the prints are coming from the UK and thus probably a British artist… Banksy maybe? I doubt it very much


BNE-the-print-releaseSo the extremely disappointing and piss-poor quality t-shirt was finally delivered and like when you’ve been scammed, you just want to forget about the losses and what you could have done with the money. The t-shirt did come with 4 of his organic lip-balms which was a step in the right direction, and I could pretty much swallow the loss. But no, BNE seems to be trying to extend the pain further…some may say he is upping his game and moving into the long con. It has now been announced that on September 18th a print will be released..again no proper details given, simply that its a run of 500, and will go on sale to those who stuck with the Not a Banksy t-shirt for $500. And the catch being that for anybody else wanting the print it will cost $6000. Ok, seems like a good deal..sure, but what about those who may struggle to find $500..its a cruel temptation. If the print is actually worth $6000 then maybe it is a great deal..but what if nobody buys it for $6000..what then. So all those with a ticket now have to wait until the 18th September to make a split second decision about buying a $500 print.. It seems almost unethical. No mention either as far as I can see about what percentage goes to charity..and after all this was the reason people were encouraged to keep their money in, as the aim was to raise money for charity. Decisions Decisions…


UPDATE 24/07/14

Bansky - BNE tshirtSo the long wait for what would be delivered by BNE for the controversial BNE x Banksy Collab, which later became the Not a Banksy T-shirt has now been delivered, and although it may have raised some good money for Water Charities, the quality of the product and artwork is clearly far from that promised at the outset. Worse still is that BNE continues to goad the public who bought it with promises of more benefits, but once again all a bit mysterious. The latest promise is that all those who stuck by there original order will now be able to secure a print at a seriously low price ($350), which BNE claims will be sold to regular clients at a far far higher price ($6000). Again details of the print are not forthcoming, although trawling the comments on his IG account, he reveals it will be a print run of 500. Which suggests it would need to be some very respected artist to be worth the full amount. All in all it continues to be a total shambles, with half the people extremely pissed off about everything, and the rest curious as to how it will pan out.. the social experiment goes on. One thing that cannot be denied is that the delivered not a Banksy t-shirt is a really lousy and lazy piece of work, and without the promised holograms or even the quality of garment originally promoted. The Tshirt has written “Bansky has not made any t-shirts for a water charity”, with many questioning BNE on instagram about the mis-spelling of the name Banksy… was this intentional or a typo? He has yet to respond to this question.


UPDATE (28/3 13:20 GMT)

So, the website has finally been updated as promised and BNE has told the full story and revealed delas of what is happening with the t-shirts, although unfortunately that part is still being kept a mystery. He has revealed that “The Collaborative T-Shirt is NOT a Banksy Tee” will actually be a BNE t-shirt. although the artwork will not be seen before arriving at your door. There are currently now three T-shirts available at 3 price points, ($80, $320 and $1280) although he fails to say what the difference will be.
The t-shirts will be made in a different factory than originally planned and will be sent out by the middle of May, which is less than the 3 months stated originally.  Read the full story on

BNE Banksy UpdateUPDATE (27/3 16:50GMT)

The website has not reveived any updates as promised by BNE himself via IG. He did recently leave this message:


UPDATE (27/3 12:00GMT)

BNE doesn’t seem to have fulfilled his claim of a message going on his website last night.. it is still the same. Yesterday he did select 5 winners from the original contest, although they will not win anything Banksy related.

UPDATE (26/320:20 GMT)

The Banksy website has removed the message  about having not made T-shirts for a Water Charity. Which I’m sure will offer new false hope to many a fan

UPDATE (19:30 GMT) – A new message update by BNE, yet more vague information.. “not avoiding questions at all. I have crazy amounts of email and other stuff going on. All of this + getting other tees from earlier in the month printed, dealing with paypal and everything else. About the tees. I was thinking to do something with an artist that I met in Indonesia, he does really sick typography on walls about social issues. Made a vid with him it’s on vimeo. BNE x Pak Nur. To me he is one of the realest guys out there. I decided to put that idea on hold and go with an idea that came from all of your emails. The tee mystery will end soon, and will not take 3 months for delivery. I was excited to work with that factory and 8-10 weeks was the lead time, but I feel in this situation it would be best to speed things up to let everyone know that this is all legit and that the project will go on. Did people really think I was going to run away with their money to Venezuela or something on the biggest day of the year for the cause I’ve been campaigning and contributing to for 3 years now? I’ll try and answer ever y question, and will be emailing everyone personally.”

This is the video:

PAK NUR: The Real Street Artist from The SRK on Vimeo.

Anyway, then after that post he continues to write about the actual story with Banksy and the BNE collaborative T-shirt: ” I was introduced to him the week before, discussed the collab, thought it was a go but it was locked in and I pushed the button on it to early. Wanted to get it up on that day. Thought all would be good when we spoke the next day when I emails him back. This wouldn’t have been branded “scam” if someone with a past beef didn’t break that propaganda story on their website. Other blogs followed and it turned into all this. I’m going to put up the whole story and plans to save the project on tonight.”
So, currently waiting on the update on the website. More to follow…

UPDATE (17:26 GMT) – So BNE has yet again made another comment:”change of plans. It looks like the tee will be designed by the people who bought it. Many of you have been emailing and it’s pretty clear what a lot of you want….details soon”
I’m not 100% sure what that really means, but it continues keeping people guessing and suggests he still doesn’t know what he is going to do.


UPDATE: 26/03/14

Not a whole lot of progression on the story since yesterday. The internet forums currently seem most concerned with the possibility that BNE massively oversold the supposed limit of 500 units, and could potentially have sold thousands, thus making a lot of money. This would obviously be a serious breach of trust, and I think due to the amount of backpedaling and sidetracking until is BNE’s honesty which is coming into question by many now.  BNE’s latest message on his IG account accuses people from his past of creating stories and turning people against him, which may be true, but I’m not sure any of this would have happened had he not been totally straight from the beginning.
His last comment on IG “we are not taking orders, we a making a list of people who want tees when we relaunch the collaborative tee (not with banksy). Many people haven’t forgotten that this was about a cause and still want to support. This project will move on but we need to clean up this huge mess first. Everyone will receive an email update with the full story soon. Paypal should be up in a couple days. Please don’t attack us until you hear the whole story. A piece of shit from my past who has been on a personal vendetta against BNE, used the website he owns to spread the “scam” propaganda that everyone followed without thinking. He went from writing off the record comments, to full blown lies. He even went as far as making fake IG accounts and encouraged people to call police. People don’t think and just go along with what they read, blogs straight copy and paste stuff without even doing any research. On top of this psycho doing all this, I have to talk with hundreds of angry customers. This is hectic. I’ve been campaigning for clean water for 3 years, and been creating art for 2 decades without selling out. I’m getting a lot of support from people who understand this. I’m not asking you to join them, but at least chill out and let us get things straightened out. Thanks, and apologies if you purchased a tee and feel like you were misled.”


UPDATE: 25/03/14

News today is that a video is expected tomorrow along with emails from BNE to all those who bought the ‘collaborative’ T-shirt. Not much else to report, other than it seems people who requested have started receiving their refunds, while some still seem hopeful that Banksy will appear still and save the day.

UPDATE 21:30 (Brazil time) 24/3/14:

In yet a further twist to the tale, BNE (BNEdotorg) has deleted the previous posts on Instagram and added a new one: Saying how to get a refund and that those who stick around will be rewarded.  He also wrote the following message with the image: “Apologies for the confusion. The fact that most of you are sticking around and not claiming refunds is inspiring, thanks for all the encouraging emails. If you would like a refund, please claim one directly through Paypal and not through email or here on IG. I like speaking with all of you, but the story is not being clearly communicated through a bunch of individual BNE x Banksy t-shirt refundscomments. Full story and tee relaunch will be posted on soon. In addition to dealing with a flood of email and a mountain of unexpected work, I have a sociopathic person from my past who originally reported this as a scam on his website, trying to do everything he can, to ruin our business and my life, for personal reasons. This was never a scam and was all about the cause, which sadly has been lost for the most part. To be clear, I do know Banksy and thought all was good, it may work out, but until further notice, This was not, and is not a banksy tee. My comment about a “social experiment” was taken the wrong way, it turned into one after the launch, it wasn’t planned. What I meant is that over the next 2 months, the people’s reaction will determine whether or not I choose to continue trying to save the world. More soon….”

In a later message he also remembers the original prize offer for those who helped spread the World Water Day post, and said “Instagram and Facebook contest winners will be announced tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, please don’t feel you were tricked into that. I really thought that a Banksy collab was going down.”

Basically at the moment it seems BNE has admitted that he messed this up big time, but still never quite admits to everything, and keeps adding little glimmers of hope to people to make them unsure if they should request a refund or not..  I think this story will run on for a while.

UPDATE (24/3):

So it seems like previous collaborators Faile and Shepard Fairey (Obey) have posted statements on their own sites (Instagram and Facebook) distancing themselves from the supposed Banksy collaboration, and assuring the public that the t-shirts they did are on the way to the buyers. Check out Shepard Fairey’s message below:
Obey giant - BNE t-shirt

Also, BNEdotorg has now made a comment on his Instagram suggesting another twist in the plot, that he actually thought Banksy was on board, but Banksy pulled the plug:

“we believed that we were working with Banksy on this. He even put it on his Facebook and deleted it later. This was never meant to be like this, it was about the cause, which sadly has for the most part been lost :(“






This could be the most discussed t-shirt ever, and it doesn’t even exist yet, and nobody knows who will be behind the art work. It also seems from reading the hundreds of pages of Banksy and Street art forums, that people are undecided if they want a refund or want to wait for the surprise, or want to see BNE doing jail time.

BNE-Banksy - World Water Day

There seems to have been some very sneaky maneuvering by BNE, who clearly advertised that Banksy would be involved in the collobaration.

The whole campaign started with this image, which seems to make it clear to me, that Banksy would be involved at some point in the collaborative T-shirt prior to launch. Until yesterday the Banksy logo was sat right next to the BNE logo above the words collaborative T-shirt, and the description clearly led you to believe that Banksy was the collaborator and would be involved in the yet to be made t-shirts which were sold for $80 a piece plus shipping. A limited edition of 500.

After the t-shirts all sold out within an hour, suddenly stories calling the whole thing a scam started to appear online and people started getting upset and complaining about being robbed etc. BNE answered some questions, all very cryptically. Banksy then changed his website ( to a white screen with the text

banksy-has-not-made-any-t-shirts-for-a-water-charity“Banksy has not made any t-shirts for a water charity”

which BNE added as his next Instagram message… and seemed to begin talking about the whole event as a social experiment.

Today I have woken up and the scenario has changed somewhat, the site no-longer has the Banksy name on the site and this now says at the top “Banksy has not made any t-shirts for a water charity “The Collaborative T-Shirt” is not a Banksy T-Shirt” and it no longer says sold out, but to email BNE if you want to buy one.

BNE collaborative T-shirt - NOT BANKSY


Today on Instagram, BNE (BNEdotorg) posted the following picture, with this text:

“In Yesterday’s frantic rush to hit the BUY button, many people did not realize that they did NOT purchase a Banksy t-shirt, and instead bought “The Collaborative T-Shirt”. In fact, the name Banksy never appeared in the product description and appeared in the check out cart as simply, “T-Shirt”. This was a social experiment, work of art and NOT a scam, as reported by AnimalNewYork, a website owned by someone with a grudge against, and personal relationship with BNE. We had some cancelations, but most people are sticking around to see what’s next. “The Collaborative T-Shirt” is now available for a very limited time for $80 each, just email us at Price will soon increase to $320 and refunded tees will become “The Collaborative T-Shirt 2”. Again “THE COLLABORATIVE T-SHIRT” IS NOT A BANKSY T-SHIRT. “THE COLLABORATIVE T-SHIRT 2″ IS NOT A BANKSY T-SHIRT. Everyone is protected by PayPal and is more than welcome to a refund. More information will be posted below. #artists4water”

Later in the same thread he wrote: “The collaborative T-shirt is with one of the world’s greatest artists. THIS IS NOT A BANKSY T-SHIRT” which may be some slight relief for those who shelled out the money expecting something by Banksy, but still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. The trust issue is important here, BNE maybe was trying to pull a clever publicity stunt hoping to raise awareness of a really important issue and charity, and even make a statement about consumer culture and buying without reading etc, but he may have also damaged the reputation of a charity and also changed peoples minds about buying things in aid of charity in the future..

Whatever happens, it has been a fascinating couple of days, and I’m still a little confused by it all and intrigued to know where it will go next. Which possible artist could go under the moniker “one of the world’s greatest artists”, obviously this could be anyone.. Romero Britto T-shirts arriving in the mail may not be greeted with such enthusiasm, or a collaboration with Celine Dion…both have certain merits which could make it possible to claim they are among the greatest artists in the world.

Who else do you think could be involved? Serious or not, let me know.. who are the potential “world’s greatest artists”, and the other criteria is  “This is the first and last time that he will ever do a t-shirt” so has to be male, and with no previous t-shirt making history…








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  1. jello says:

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  2. Jackie says:

    dude, if you still think this is anything other than a scam, I think you need to check your head. He’s donated ZERO dollars to charity. Plus, he never distributed the Faile COA’s that confirm the shirts were ever limited edition.

    Plus, this print never sold out. He is trying to save face. Prints were still available for hours after they were “sold out” on the BNE Japan site

    • jacktwo says:

      Thanks for the comment Jackie, I take it you didn’t buy the print yesterday! Not sure where I said much to the contrary.. Although I’m not sure about the not donating anything to charity..BNE clearly has some good intentions, but it seems to be a bit of a mess..and I certainly wasn’t convinced by yesterdays PRINT and the return of the social experiment talk… I also can’t believe 500 people gave their money in an hour..for a print, which looked like it had been knocked up on photoshop in 5 minutes. I wouldn;t put it on my wall..

  3. Jackie says:

    hahah no I got a refund months ago. I disagree that he has “good intentions”. He took tens of thousands of dollars from his sales and hasn’t done anything for charity. All he has done is post pictures on his Instagram. He’s using the “social experiment” excuse as a cop out. The only people sticking by him are very gullible, unfortunately, and are hoping somehow Banksy steps in and saves the day.

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