World Cup Brazil Shirt – champions of corruption – PIFO X VERMES (GODINES)


campeao-da-corrupcao - Carla Arakaki

Foto por: Carla Arakaki

OK, I’m not ashamed to say I’m a huge fan of the world cup.. it has always been a magical time of football supporting, made more intense by only occurring every four years. For several years I have been excited about the fact I now live in the country which will host the world cup, and not any country..Brazil, a country famed for its football culture and also a nation with a serious chance of going all the way.  I’ll also be rooting for the home nation..especially once England bow out, as has usually happened over the years. Anyway, I must admit, I’m somewhat disappointed by the whole ‘Anti-World cup’ protests and the like, not because I don’t agree with the reasons behind them, but simply for purely footballing and partying reasons, that they are putting a dampener on the whole event. I actually totally understand the disgust by some of a nation like Brazil which I have seen up-close, spending vast amounts of money on one of the few things in the country which already receives a lot of money..while education and health care is neglected and millions live in impoverished conditions. Corruption is not a new concept to Brazil, so there will be no surprise to anyone if the World Cup money has got into the wrong hands, and been used for the wrong things.. and I agree that is extremely wrong. I actually agree with protesting and calling for change..and think it is healthy for Brazil, but it is a shame that it has to tarnish what should be such a great sporting event.

Anyway, rant over.. why I got on the subject was because i thought the idea behind this (Beside Colors | Pifo X Vermes) Brazil shirt project was pretty cool. You can get a yellow and green Brazil shirt, and support the team, while also silently protesting. The font and details were designed by a couple of graffiti writers Pifo and Godines. The shirt is based on the National side’s color scheme, but also is in the style of the shirts worn by amateur teams (times varzéa) across Brazil.


Compared with the official Nike shirt, this one is a steal at R$69.00, it is limited edition and printed with your chosen name on the back, written in the font designed by Godines. Orders need to be made before June 7th, as all orders will be produced on June 8th and delivered within 15 days.

Check out the photos, and you can order yours here on the Superfresh website.


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