Banksy and BNE – World Water Day Special! – SOLD OUT, SCAM or Social Experiment?

(23/3/14) UPDATE: So the Banksy v BNE collaboration went live and has now sold out completely. The deal was this, a series of 500 T-shirts in black, white and grey went on sale for US$80.00 (plus postage to outside the USA). The catch being that you don’t get to see what  design is on the shirt until it arrives in the mail! (see the shirts below) The site says the shirts come with hologram authenticity and claim Banksy will never produce another t-shirt.. I had expected the site to break-down under the influx of requests and traffic, but it seemed to all work. But in less than 2 hours I checked again and they were all sold out.
The t-shirts are not expected to ship out for about 3 months.

There are reports (here) (and here)claiming the whole thing is a scam by BNE and Banksy is not involved, and they seem quiet convincing, quoting Banksy’s publicist as saying her has nothing to do with it.. let’s see how this plays out, but that would be one sick trick in the name of charity if true, and surely one deserving of some serious legal investigation.

In response to the hundreds of annoyed messages on their Instagram (BNEdotorg) account, BNE responded that “”Hint, this situation maybe also be a collaborative piece”  suggesting that there is more to come! But in the latest twist, Banksy’s website ( has been changed to a white screen with simply the words:

“Banksy has not made any t-shirts for a water charity”.

It seems this has all turned into a piece of socially experimental art now, BNE has even confirmed this as being fact on his Instagram account. He has said that refunds are available to those who want them, but also states that those shirts returned will be sold on at a new price of $320. And nobody who requests a refund will be eligible to buy those. Basically there are a lot of upset people complaining about unknown facts and hypothesizing about possible outcomes, trying to re-interpret the writing. One interpretation of the statement on the Banksy website is that Banksy may have done the t-shirts for BNE, who is an artist and not a charity.. BNE simply passed on the profits to charity…  What is certain, is that it is probably making people think about the charity and this is probably the desired result, and it may take 3 months before anybody knows exactly what the outcome is… Watch this space!

In other Banksy related news, a Banksy exhibition set to open in Stockholm today also seems to not be by the artist, with his publicist reportedly saying ““This is a fake. It’s not Banksy. He has nothing to do with it.” (see the report). Maybe the two events are not a coincidence…


see my updated post on the story – BNE – Collaborative T-shirt -One & Two – Is not a Banksy T-shirt

Original Post (March 21):
Tomorrow (Saturday March 22) at noon may be a chance to finally get yourself something by the worlds best known street artist Banksy and at the same time give some money to charity. Double win.

Banksy - BNE

The ARTISTS 4 WATER project run by the collaborative international art project BNE are trying to raise awareness and funds to help solve the world water crisis. Check out the video below which explains about the world water crisis, the problem BNE and Banksy are trying to tackle.

This Saturday marks World Water Day and BNE are promising something special to be released at exactly 12 Noon PST. So set your alarms.. You just need to visit the BNE website.

BNE have previously hooked up with some other huge names from the Street Art world, The artist behind OBEY, Shepard Fairey launched a limited edition range of T-Shirts, as did the infamous Invader and also Faile.  All shown below:

Shepard Fairey, Invader, Faile - BNE T-Shirts

Shepard Fairey - BNE

Shephard Fairey also produced a collaborative screen print (right), which was sold on behalf of the charity. All the above items have long been sold out, so the chance that a Banksy collaboration will sit around unsold is pretty slim!

There is also a chance to win some BNE x Banksy prizes by going to the BNE facebook page and Instagram accounts (BNEdotorg) and sharing their post about the event. They are giving five prizes via Facebook and five via Instagram (BNEdotorg). Banksy Prizes! so get sharing for your chance to win!.

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  1. Jackie says:

    dude, if you still think this is anything other than a scam, I think you need to check your head. He’s donated ZERO dollars to charity. Plus, he never distributed the Faile COA’s that confirm the shirts were ever limited edition

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