Índio (aka Badaross) – Pensamento Humano – Galeria Overground, Sao Paulo

Tonight at 18:00 there is the inauguration of Overground Gallery (Galeria Overground Art Studio) with the exhibition “Pensamento Humano” (Human Thought) by Índio a.k.a “Badaross’’.

badaross - Pensamento Humano

Overground is the new gallery and studio of the street artist Zezão, which is located on the second floor at 280 Alameda Nothmann, downtown Sao Paulo.

“Pensamento Humano” is the first show, and will display the work of an unknown street artist that Zezao discovered while renovating the gallery and studio space in downtown Sao Paulo. Cicero Rodrigues better known on the streets as Índio or “Badaross’’, is the name of the artist, he originally comes from Petrolina  in Pernambuco, in the north of Brazil, and came to Sao Paulo on foot, a journey which took him 72 days. After a lack of opportunity

I can’t tell you much about the work he does, but it seems like a really interesting project, and Zezão is an artist who has interested me since I’ve been in Sao Paulo.

There is a short report about Índio and his situation with interviews with both him and Zezão, which may give you more of an insight:

WHERE: Galeria Overground Art Studio, Alameda Nothmann 280 – Conjunto 02 – Campos Elíseos, 01216-001 São Paulo, Brazil

WHEN: From Friday 13th December at 18:00 for the opening.


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