BACKUP DO BECO – Vila Madalena (Sao Paulo) – Sat 12, Sun 13 April.

A bit late in the day, but today and tomorrow there is Backup do Beco – which is all about the famous Beco do Batman, possibly the best known graffiti spot in Sao Paulo, and certainly the go to place to see street art in Vila Madalena. The ‘Beco’ or alleyway has been a point for street art since the 80’s and is still going strong. This weekend (12, 13 April) some of the artists who have painted Beco do Batman will be painting live in a 600m square warehouse…sounds interesting. Among the artists are Paulo Ito, Pato, Sergio Fabris, Jamie Prades and several others, see the flyer below.

WHEN: April 12 & 13, 2014

WHERE: 1378,  Fradique Coutinho, Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo. SP


While in Vila Madalena this weekend, it is worth reading the following article about Arte de Vila Madalena, as this weekend is the 13th edition and there are loads of things going on.

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