Arte Combo – Art and music event – Guarulhos


I have never thought of going to Guarulhos for any other reason than flying somewhere from the International Airport, but if you did want a reason to visit the neighboring suburb of Sao Paulo, then Arte Combo may be a reasonable one. Taking place this Saturday, Arte Combo promises a mix of graffiti, cinema and photography, with vegan food, bands, DJ’and live performances and a record fair among other things. The Sao Paulo stencil graffiti artist OZI will be involved in a Live Paint. The Arte Combo flyer also suggests bringing a used object to swap for somebody else’s used object (Escambo).

There is a teaser video below, and some of my photos of OZI’s work in Sao Paulo below.

WHERE: Teatro Adamastor, Avenida Monteiro Lobato, 734, 07112-000 Guarulhos.

WHEN: Saturday October 19th, 2014. From 11am.

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