ART RUA 2014 -Rio De Janeiro

On September 11th,  Art Rua 2014, the biggest street art event in Brazil opens in Rio de Janeiro. This is the third edition of the Art Rua event. The event will include art exhibitions with both local and foreign artists as well as shows and parties in a 14,000 square meter area. This years event will not only be a gallery but also an art fair.

There will also be 5 large murals on display at Art Rua 2014, as well as interventions in the neighbouring areas. Instagrafite, the world largest network of street art with over 1 million followers were responsible for curating the event. The event is so big, there is even a special bus service being run to the event.
The main event is based around 11 main artists and art groups from around the world. Six from Brazil being:

The non Brazilian artists involved are:

The event is spread over two floors and in addition to the 11 artists above there will be an area for the galleries, where many of the galleries regularly featured on this site will have spaces and be selling work. Galleries such as A7MA, Choque Cultural, and Verve from Sao Paulo as well as several galleries from Rio such as Galeria Movimento Arte Contemporânea (see flyer below) and the Rio based graffiti crew Kovok (ANG, El Bira, Karma, Life, Magrão, Mito and Rena.)

The regular part of the event, between midday and 20:oo is free. The live shows and parties require tickets.

The video below shows scenes from last years event to give you an idea and further information and detailed information about whats on each day can be found on the ART RUA website. 

WHEN: September 11 -14th, 2014. 12h to 20h (market) ; 22h to 6h ( parties and concerts)

WHERE: Centro Cultural Ação da Cidadania Av. Barão de Tefé, 75 – Saúde Rio de Janeiro CEP 20220-460.
(Buses run every hour between 12 and 20:00 from outside the store: Redley Ipanema – Rua Maria Quitéria, 99 –  direct to the Art Rua 2014 event.)


Acidum Prpject (Photo: jACKTWO)

Rodrigo Branco (Photo: jACKTWO)

Rodrigo Branco (Photo: jACKTWO)


Acidum Project (Photo: jACKTWO)


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