Support the campaign against the ‘grey policy’ in Sao Paulo

cidade-limpaThe guys behind the Cidade Cinza (grey city) film, which I highly recommend watching (I saw it this week), this week started a campaign against the behavior of the city hall with regards painting over street art, questioning the spending of public money to paint over graffiti and the importance of the presence of art in the city.

Artists who are internationally renowned and have their works on display across the world, such as Os Gemeos, Nunca and Nina, are still having their artwork erased in Sao Paulo. Last Sunday (24th November) a piece by Os Gemeos was erased, as reported in the artists own instagram account.

A semi cleaned off gemeos, My photograph from 2006, shows that nothing has changed in the last 7 years.. it clearly shows a wall painted by Os Gemeos has been painted over with grey paint. The wall prior to the Mayoral intervention can be seen here. I know which I prefer!.

The petition against the ‘Grey policy’ can be easily signed from the link below:

Graffiti is Art petition:

There is another petition on the petition site regarding the legalization of graffiti in Sao Paulo, this and further information can be found on the petition website here, being organized by the Arte Fora de Museu (Art outside the museum) group.

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