Alex Senna – Elevator Intervention – SESC Ipiranga (Sao Paulo)

Alex-Senna - ElevatorTo continue my love-in with SESC…I have expressed several times since the starting to write this blog about what a great establishment I think SESC is, and have been fortunate to visit branches all over Sao Paulo and even beyond the capital city. All without exception are excellent. I recently renewed my yearly membership..a meager R$114, for the year, for the whole family! Prices like that are not commonly found in Sao Paulo.

Anyway, back to SESC and this time, a big name on the Sao Paulo graffiti scene and a favorite of mine, for his black and white illustrations which can be seen in various locations across the city has his creations in SESC Ipiranga. Alex Senna has produced an intervention with the elevator at SESC Ipiranga, each floor showing a different picture of the same character at different times in his life. childhood, adult life and old age. The artwork is both in and outside of the elevator, aiming to create a link between the public and the artwork, so the spectator can reflect on their own life, about their priorities, regrets and memories.

Alex Senna


WHERE: SESC IPIRANGA, Elevator Gallery, Rua Bom Pastor, 822, Sao Paulo. SP

WHEN: Until May 25 Everyday except Monday. Tuesday to Friday 09H to 21H30. Saturday 10H to 21H30 and Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10H to 18H30

A few recent pictures of mine showing Alex Senna’s work on the streets of Sao Paulo: For more examples of his work, he has an excellent site here.

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