A Brit living in Sao Paulo, I decided to put together this blog to showcase interesting stuff going on. This will be predominantly Brazil and Sao Paulo based, but not exclusively, predominantly street art and graffiti related, but again not exclusively. I lived for 9 years in London, and obviously have strong connections with the UK still, and enjoy travelling whenever possible.  Ever since I was about 18 I have had the nickname ‘Jack Two’ and developed a fascination with the number 2. I used to make t-shirts using the Jack Two brand, and have been taking pictures of the number two for several years. I will include these pictures and my intention is to make t-shirts again..which will hopefully be available here at some point in the future. So, basically this will be a blog about stuff that interests me, art, street art, graffiti and culture etc. Get in touch if you have ideas and things to recommend.


Photo of the No.2 credit: jACKTWO     Photo of the number 2 - credit: jACKTWO