Expo Gravuras – A7MA Gallery -Sao Paulo

An exhibition of prints from a range of Brazilian street artists are still on show and for sale at A7MA gallery in Vila Madalena.

This exhibition at A7MA (pronounced: “A sétima” – the seventh in English) began last year in December. I visited right before Christmas and my wife even bought my Christmas present – piece by Chivitz – right off the wall. I had assumed that exhibition was ending , but have just discovered that it goes on until the 5th February.

The exhibition shows the work of 14 varied artists, all showing screen-prints done on paper by the printer Cristiano Kana. Each print was done in a run of 50 prints and they are available, signed and numbered, to buy while copies exist. 

A7MA - Expo Gravuras

The artists included in the show are: Atsuo Nakagawa, Boleta Daniel, Cade Mendonça, Ciro Schu, Chivitz, Daniel Cacciatore, Jerry Batista, Marcelo Amorim, Marina Zumi, Minhau, Ninguém Dormi, Rodrigo Branco, Takuma Kitagawa and Titi Freak.

At the entrance of the gallery is also this wall painted by Chivitz and Minhau, as well as a painted version of his first print from 2005 by Titi Freak (see my photos below).

A7MA is additionally one of the best street art galleries in Sao Paulo, and there are lots of other works on display as well as those from the main exhibit, and also a huge variety of other prints – all which can be bought and make excellent presents!

WHERE: A7MA Gallery – Rua Harmonia, 95B – Vila Madalena – São Paulo – SP

WHEN: Running until February 5th 2014.  Monday to Saturday 11h – 20h.

A7MA - Chivitz & Minhau
A7MA - Titi Freak

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